First Retail Shisha Store Delivery, Catering & Sampling in Toronto

Shisha&Co is the first Shisha retail store in Toronto that delivers, caters, sells, and samples home-made and other flavors. If one day you feel like you need to buy a Hooka and get the flavor, this is the place you need to visit. If you have a party and you need Shisha, you could pick it up to rent it for the day. Also if you have a party or a wedding and you need a Shisha specialist, someone would actually come to your event and make the Shishas and serve them to your guests. On top of that they cater to a few clubs downtown, one of which is Orchid Nightclub. This is probably the only place in Downtown Toronto that actually caters to a different segments of the Shisha market. The store’s closest intersection is Wellesley & Yonge. The address is 636 Yonge street. Go check out their crazy Shishas and flavors. Also the accessories are nuts.

Visit the site HERE Shisha&Co



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