Amazing Christmas Decoration

This Christmas decoration was at a friend’s house. His mother filled half the living room with it. It was amazing!

Toronto International Airport

 The amazing statue at the Toronto International Airport. Probably the most entertaining thing at the airport. It’s just an astonishing piece. I could’t resist but take pictures here.

Best Shisha in Toronto is ShishaLicious

For a while and ever since I came to Toronto City, I always wondered if there is anything else to do at night other than going to bars and clubs. When I was in Malaysia, there was always something to do at night. There were shisha lounges, juice bars, sports places, cyber cafes and so forth. A person would never be left out with nothing to do once bored of clubs. In the past 3 years a small wave of Shisha places attacked Toronto city and enhanced the nightlife. Now for a person who is either bored of clubs and bars, or does not enjoy them, the Shisha option is always available. In here I photographed my friend’s Shisha lounge “Shishalicious Cafe” downtown Toronto, in 235 Jarvis st. The place is great, the service is amazing, the food is great and above all that, they have a beautiful patio that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. I highly recommend the place, not because it’s my friend’s, but because it really is the only one worth going to in downtown Toronto.

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