How to add your wordpress website to google plus (google+)?

As I was searching for a way to add my wordpress website to google plus I faced many links that are not related. maybe the way I asked the question was wrong, but I’m glad after a day of searching I found out the way. My precious wording of the question was how to link google plus to my website? or how to link my website to google plus?

link website

After I added my website to my google plus page (“about” section under “links” ), a little widget showed up asking me to link it to prove it is my website. The exact wording was;

“By adding a short line of code to, you can make your Google+ page eligible to show up on the right hand side of the Google search page for relevant queries and make your Google+ page more discoverable. Learn more

Ask your site’s webmaster to add the following line of code to your site’s homepage:”
I did so many things and nothing worked because all they want from you is to add the HTML code in order for their widget to be embedded on your site. This way they could prove it is your site.
To solve that follow the steps in the bottom
1- Go to wordpress page, click on “my blogs” on the top left of the page
2- Click on “dashboard” located under your page
             note: you can go to “dashboard” from many other places, they are all the same
3- On the left side of the page scroll down a bit until you see “appearance” if you hover the cursor on top of it you will see “widgets” click it
4- Under widgets if you scroll down you will find “TEXT” Arbitrary text or HTML. Select it and select “side bar” then “add widget”.
5- Go to your google plus page where they gave you the link (where they asked you to link your website)
6- Paste the link on the widget on wordpress, give it a title I wrote (google+) and Save it by clicking the button “Save” in the bottom right of the widget
7- Now go back to google plus and “Test Website”
You should get a window telling you that  your test was successful
test successful
Thank you very much and if you liked this page please share it because it was not so easy for me to find this method
Yours sincerely waelben2000

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